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Solo Exhbitions
2017 Dec. “Re-sewing Constellation” Curator : Ryo Katsumata. Switch Point, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Mar. “It may already be so,maybe not” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 Sept. “Complex Topography : The Pavilion” Folkestone Triennial 2017, Folkestone, Kent, U.K.
2016 Sept. “New Collection exhibition” Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Nagano, Japan
2014 July.  “View’ s View NEXT” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo, Japan
2013 July.  “Focusing on a new generation from Kaihatsu” Curator :Yoshiaki Kaihatsu. Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo, Japan
——-   Apr.   “Selected Works from Musashino Art University Degree Show 2013” Museum of Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
——-   Mar.  “Musashino Art University Degree Show 2013″Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Apr.    MAU × CHO-SEN Daigaku (Korea University) Collective exhibition. project exhibition room, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
——-   Feb.    Art Site YASATO 2012, Ibaraki, Japan

Collaborative Projects
2018 Mar.   “Artwork to describes each other’ s work” Youkoubo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Jun.   “To the other side of the boundaries,” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Nov.   “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.” FAL(Musashino Art University) & Gallery of Art Course (Korea University), Tokyo, Japan

2017 Nov.    Artworks for the garden of Tea Nouveau “Skull Suki Chakai” Japanese Tea ceremony, Tokyo, Japan
2017 July.    Guest talk at “To the other side of the boundaries” Guest : Makoto Aida, Tokyo Metoropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2017 July.    Artist talk “To the other side of the boundaries” Tokyo Metoropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo , Japan
2015 Nov.    Artist talk “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.” Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Nov.    About the dialogue, Guest talk “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.”
Guest : Noi Sawaragi (Art Critic)Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Nov.   “Museum Tour in Korea University”
2013 Feb.   “What will happen after a wind brew and bucket makers prospered? part1” Auditorium,
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Public Collection
Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Nagano, Japan

Grants and Honors
2018    Japan Public-Private Partnership Student Study Abroad Program TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program
2018    Ikuo Hirayama Scholarship Prize , Tokyo University of the Arts
2017    Grants for Art & Culture, Nomura Foundation
2017    Grants for Art Activity, The Asahi Shimbun Foundation

【Monographs and Solo Exhibition Catalogue】
2017    Text by Ryo Katsumata (Art Critic) : “Re-sewing Constellation” lighthouse vol.12, Tokyo : switch point, Dec. 2017
【Group Exhibition Catalogue】
2017    To the other side of the boundaries, Text by Takuma Ishikawa, Akihiro Kitada, gnck, Hajime Nariai and Han Tong-hyon.
Tokyo: “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.” planning committee, June. 2017, p.13-17
2016     New Collections of the Year. Nagano: Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Art, Sept. 2016
2015     Suddenly,the view spreads out before us. Tokyo: “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.”
planning committee, Nov. 2015

– Selected Printed Articles
2016     Review, “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.” by Noi Sawaragi (Art Critic). Bijutsu Techo. Tokyo: Bijutsu-Shuppan Publishing, Jan. 2016, p.210, 211.
2015     Maruyama, Hikari. “We have the wall, but…” Asahi Shimbun Press. Tokyo: Asahi Shimbun Publications, 12 Nov. 2015 p.11

– Selected Online Publications
2016     “Interview the Artists of “Suddenly,the view spreads out before us.”” Bitecho(web, Japanese) 19 Jan. 2016 <>
2015      Han Tong-hyon “For the era which people can not live together even if they just are there” Yahoo!Japan News (Web, Japanese). 16 Nov.2015 <>
2015     “What it shows us, when the dialogue and art beyond the wall. ” 70 seeds (Japanese). 11 Nov. 2015<>

– Television, Radio and Videos
2017     Art helps students bridge Japan-N Korea divide. Al Jazeera, 26 Nov. 2017
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