【Exhibition, event】OPENNESS?-The Method of Acquiring Freedom-

Openness? : The method of acquiring freedom

For art, there has always been a history of constantly seeking and expressing “freedom.” It is the freedom of expression, the pursuit of novelty, and the movements that aim for transformation of societies. On the other hand, when talking about “freedom”, someone’s effort to embody it may become “the lack of freedom” for another individual. The ideas about “an equal community” that is pursued by ideologies such as Multiculturalism and Democracy are actually contradicting concepts. However, people would never stop hoping for a society that possesses the qualities of freedom and equality. I would like to try out the lovely, repulsive, and troublesome idea of “freedom” under the system of an exhibition, which is in particular lack of freedom and equality.
Koji Kato(Exhibiting artist)

“Freedom is failing”
Freedom is guaranteed constitutionally. State limits freedom through variety of techniques, such as for “Public welfare” and “Security”. When violated, the extent of rights of freedom can be again sought through trials, depending on whether the trial is fair or not. But often, neglected. Moreover, Parliament has adopted “Anti-Conspiracy Bill” for national security, a law penalizing ambiguous “planning” and “preparation” of crime. Our freedom to imagine is in a way now illegal and we could be exposed to daily surveillance in every step by states, legally speaking. This exhibition is a meaningful chapter in which art reflects on freedom which become more relevant under the current state led freedom.
Da In Park(Exhibiting artist)

Abraham Benjumea, Armaine Yapyuco, Cheng Yu
Chiaki Haibara(灰原千晶), Da In Park
Koji Kato(加藤康司), Motoyo Ochiai(落合元世), Nanaka Adachi (安達七佳)
Sixte Paluku Kakinda, Tong Yuen Wai Vanessa
Yu Ohara(大原由), Zhuang Yingqian, and more…

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2018/08/10(Fri)- 08/12(Sun) 12:00〜20:00
2018/08/17(Fri)- 08/19(Sun) 12:00〜20:00

Opening party
2018/08/11(Sat)18:00〜 *

Independent curator, Arata Hasegawa arranges the talk event. Admission fee for the talk event ¥500(incl. 1 drink)


Below: The part of practice by Chiaki Haibara in this exhibition