Installation view at Youkobo Art Space

Haibara has been influenced by allegory and metaphor of classical Western art, and through examining people’s reaction to narratives and symbolism, she has explored her interest in people’s process of understanding history (community) and societal systems that control them. On the other hand, Murai has been influenced by graffiti on the street and has shaped his ideas using landscapes and readymades. He is interested in outsider art as a way of thinking that affirms what exists outside the field of Art.

This exhibition brings together two completely different directions, and the artists have attempted to describe each other’s work or practice through creating artwork. A new idea of collaboration may emerge when two artists of the same generation address each other’s work.

“Artwork to Describe to Each Other’s work.”
-21st March, 2018

Beautiful Sky
Bread clips
Variable size

Busy TV
Loop video displaying the words “I’m taking a break.”, display laid on the floor, switch timer

Color Field
Video 2’21”

License Plates
Frottage, drawing
Black drawing paper, white pencil

Fire Truck
Revolving light, hazard lamp, four wheels
The height of a fire truck

BOOK ” Artwork to Describe to Each Other’s work.”
writer:Chiaki Haibara, Yusuke Muroi
Contributed by Yuko Mohri
Organiser:Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts,Tokyo University of the Arts.
Co-organiser:Youkobo Art Space
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Description of Muroi’s Description of Chiaki Haibara’s Work (from the PDF file)

Born and raised on the planet earth in this place called Japan, with Japanese citizenship – an individual Japanese person? Possessing the parts biologically defining one as female – an individual woman? Living in a time zone that, since its delinea­tion, has revolved around the sun roughly 2019 times – an individual modern human? Bearing a given name – an individ­ual Chiaki Haibara?
It seems once I’ve cast away all that’s been bequeathed by social convention, there isn’t much left to make me me. This frailty of ego-consciousness gives rise to an irresistible physi­cality screaming

“I’m here, I exist!!!!” – encountering it, a rich discord emerges between myself and something almost like my soul, and my pulse quickens. My actuality has been testified to; my thoughts have been stimulated. So I was curious about what I’d be confronted with in the gallery -about how Murai had understood my work and my attitude toward creation, and how he’d describe all of this using an artwork.

-From the beginning of the text written by Haibara

“Artwork to Describe to Each Other’s work.”
Period:21st March, 2018 – 25th March, 2018 12:00ー20:00
Place : Youkobo Art Space
Organiser:Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts,Tokyo University of the Arts.
Co-organiser:Youkobo Art Space