【Exhibition】Saitama Triennale 2020

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Saitama Triennale 2020

14th Apr.(Sun) – 17th May (Sun)
To be determined (The works will be released this fall)
Transforming Saitama into an “Art Sight” where art and lifestyle comes together as one.
Saitama Triennale 2020 is an art festival that takes place in living city Saitama. Marking its second installment since Saitama Triennale 2016, Saitama Triennale 2020 engages in developing works and projects that transcend the boundaries of existing genres along with artists from both Japan and abroad. Saitama Triennale 2020 presents “Art Sightama” as a platform that welcomes the participation of citizens, enabling diverse sensibilities to interact and be conceived.

Annex Sight – Former Omiya Library
2-1-1 Takahanacho,Omiya-ku,Saitama City,Saitama,330-0803

by train: About 10 minutes walk from the East Exit of Omiya station.
Bicycle parking: OK
Car parking: None

※Please use public transportation