The both of Universities have not had relationship each other although Musashino Art University is located next to Korea University through the fence . There were many students of Permanent ethnic Korean residents of Japan in the university.

When I was 3rd undergraduate of Musashino Art University, I’ ve got a studio next to the men’ s dorm of Korea University through a fence by chance, and many same generation as me lived there and I’ d like to talk with them as others after 3.11 which was Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami 2011. The earthquake revealed various aspects of Japan and it was like something unknown suddenly appeared in front of me. Japan sometimes seemed to be filled with majority, and I also have majority ethnicity in this island. I had to think about behavior of Japan with different point of view.

Before I started to make it, I tried to get in this university by main gate of Korea University but I couldn’ t because the outsiders were forbidden to admit freely. I think they felt in danger because sometimes some people screamed exclusive words to them in front of the gate. Then I decided to make an uncompleted structure like a half bridge in front of the dorm to be talk to me by them because I had no idea what I could talk to them. Fortunately, a few days after I started to make it, they asked me “ what are you making?” At that time, our relationship was connected. This artwork includes archives I made since before started conversation with them. The video was recorded how to give snacks for the man who lived in the dorm in return for giving me an umbrella on a rainy day.

The Bridge Which May be Crossed.
Scrap material, CRT display, archive video, journal
Campus of musashino art university adjacent dormitory of Korea university across the fence